Final Year Mini Networking Projects Guntur


1 EARS: Intelligence-driven experiential network architecture for automatic routing in software-defined networkingNETWORKING
2 IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks--Port-Based Network Access ControlNETWORKING
3 Hybrid Network Mobility Support in Named Data NetworkingNETWORKING
4 Network Routing Optimization Based on Machine Learning Using Graph Networks Robust against Topology ChangeNETWORKING
5 Cross-Layer Network Lifetime Maximization in Underwater Wireless Sensor NetworksNETWORKING
6 DeepCog: Optimizing Resource Provisioning in Network Slicing With AI-Based Capacity ForecastingNETWORKING
7 Joint resource allocation and computation offloading in mobile edge computing for SDN based wireless networksNETWORKING
8 Multi-Layer Service Provisioning Over Resilient Software-Defined Partially Disaggregated NetworksNETWORKING
9 Multiclass Queueing Network Modeling and Traffic Flow Analysis for SDN-Enabled Mobile Core Networks With Network SlicingNETWORKING
10 Software Defined Network-Based Management for Enhanced 5G Network ServicesNETWORKING
11 Component Based Security Control for Information NetworkNETWORKING
12 The Probability of Trojan Attacks on Multi-level Security Strategy Based NetworkNETWORKING
13 A survey: Typical security issues of software-defined networkingNETWORKING
14 Dynamically validate network security based on adaptive control theoryNETWORKING
15 Research on Network Security Situation Prediction-Oriented Adaptive Learning NeuronNETWORKING
16 Security Model Based on Network Business SecurityNETWORKING
17 Collaborative network security in multi-tenant data center for cloud computingNETWORKING
18 A Performance Comparison of Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols under Security AttackNETWORKING
19 Distributed Event-Triggered Trust Management for Wireless Sensor NetworksNETWORKING
20 The Security Network Coding System With Physical Layer Key Generation in Two-Way Relay NetworksNETWORKING
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