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S.No Title Abstract/Pdf
1 Information-theoretic bounds for the forensic detection of downscaled signals
2 Comments on “Revocable and Scalable Certificateless Remote Authentication Protocol With Anonymity for Wireless Body Area Networks”
3 Robust Copy-move Detection of Speech Recording Using Similarities of Pitch and Formant
4 Counter JPEG anti-forensic approach based on the second-order statistical analysis
5 Comments on “Provably secure dynamic id-based anonymous two-factor authenticated key exchange protocol with extended security model”
6 Large-Scale Empirical Study of Important Features Indicative of Discovered Vulnerabilities to Assess Application Security
7 A Secure AMR Fixed Codebook Steganographic Scheme Based on Pulse Distribution Model
8 Secure Transmissions in Wireless Information and Power Transfer Millimeter Wave Ultra-dense Networks
9 Electromagnetic Side Channel Information Leakage Created by Execution of Series of Instructions in a Computer Processor
10 A New Capacity-Achieving Private Information Retrieval Scheme with (Almost) Optimal File Length for Coded Servers
11 Empirical Analysis and Validation of Security Alerts Filtering Techniques
12 Physical Layer Security in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Distributed Co-Phasing
13 SAFECHAIN: Securing Trigger-Action Programming from Attack Chains
15 Physical Layer Security in Buffer-State-Based MaxRatio Relay Selection Exploiting Broadcasting With Cooperative Beamforming and Jamming
16 Enabling Identity-Based Integrity Auditing and Data Sharing with Sensitive Information Hiding for Secure Cloud Storage
17 An Intelligence-Driven Security-Aware Defense Mechanism for Advanced Persistent Threats
18 Reducing Security Risks of Suspicious Data and Codes Through a Novel Dynamic Defense Model
19 (In-)Security of Cookies in HTTPS: Cookie Theft by Removing Cookie Flags
20 A Video Forensic Framework for the Unsupervised Analysis of MP4-like File Container
21 Physical Layer Security for RF Satellite Channels in the Finite-length Regime
22 Development and Analysis of Deterministic Privacy-Preserving Policies Using Non-Stochastic Information Theory
23 Wireless-Powered Two-Way Relaying Protocols for Optimizing Physical Layer Security
24 AHCM: Adaptive Huffman Code Mapping for Audio Steganography Based on Psychoacoustic Model
25 Interdependent Strategic Security Risk Management with Bounded Rationality in the Internet of Things
26 Next-Generation Digital Forensics: Challenges and Future Paradigms
27 Secret Group-Key Generation at Physical Layer for Multi-Antenna Mesh Topology
28 Monitoring Device Current to Characterize Trim Operations of Solid-State Drives
29 Boundaries as an Enhancement Technique for Physical Layer Security
30 SDTE: A Secure Blockchain-based Data Trading Ecosystem
31 Towards Differential Privacy-Based Online Double Auction for Smart Grid
32 Infrared photodissociation spectroscopic and theoretical study of the HC2nO + (n=3−6) cations
33 A PUF-based Data-Device Hash for Tampered Image Detection and Source Camera Identification
34 Robust Beamforming and Jamming for Enhancing the Physical Layer Security of Full Duplex Radios
35 Source Printer Classification using Printer Specific Local Texture Descriptor
36 An Intrusion Detection Method for Line Current Differential Relays
37 CNN-based Adversarial Embedding for Image Steganography
38 Patchwork-based Audio Watermarking Robust Against De-synchronization and Recapturing Attacks
39 Downscaling Factor Estimation on Pre-JPEG Compressed Images
40 Encryption-Free Framework of Privacy-Preserving Image Recognition for Photo-Based Information Services
41 Extensible Conditional Privacy Protection Authentication Scheme for Secure Vehicular Networks in a Multi-Cloud Environment
42 Cyber Onboarding is ‘Broken’
43 Reliable Detection of Interest Flooding Attack in Real Deployment of Named Data Networking
44 A Secure AMR Fixed Codebook Steganographic Scheme Based on Pulse Distribution Model
45 On the Security-Privacy Tradeoff in Collaborative Security: A Quantitative Information Flow Game Perspective
46 A Policy based Security Architecture for Software Defined Networks
47 Adversarial Learning for Constrained Image Splicing Detection and Localization based on Atrous Convolution
48 Analysis of Rolling Shutter Effect on ENF based Video Forensics
49 AnFRA: Anonymous and Fast Roaming Authentication for Space Information Network
50 Greening Cloud-Enabled Big Data Storage Forensics: Syncany as a Case Study
51 Brexit Impact on Cyber Security of United Kingdom
52 The Process of the Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Management using the Integrated System of the National Cyber Security Sector Management in Ukraine
53 Design principles for national cyber security sensor networks: Lessons learned from small-scale demonstrators
54 Cyber Security Supervision in the Insurance Sector: Smart Contracts and Chosen Issues
55 Link Selection for Security-QoS Tradeoffs in Buffer-aided Relaying Networks
56 Secure Detection of Image Manipulation by means of Random Feature Selection
57 Comment on “Publicly Verifiable Computation of Polynomials over Outsourced Data with Multiple Sources”
58 On the Analysis and Improvement of Min-entropy Estimation on Time-varying Data

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