Artificial Intelligence


S.No Title Abstract/Pdf
1 Artificial Intelligence for Ethology: Neural Networks in the Prediction of Human Behavior
2 Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition Inhealthcare
3 How Much to Trust Artificial Intelligence?
4 Determining Fake Statements Made by Public Figures by Means of Artificial Intelligence
5 Artificial Intelligence with Big Data
6 Artificial Intelligence based Network Intrusion Detection with Hyper-Parameter Optimization Tuning on the Realistic Cyber Dataset CSE-CIC-IDS2018 using Cloud Computing
7 The use of artificial intelligence in the information retrieval system epoch-making changes in information retrieval system
8 Study on Development of Information Security and Artificial Intelligence
9 DDoS detection and prevention based on artificial intelligence techniques
10 Dynamic analysis of malware using artificial neural networks: Applying machine learning to identify malicious behavior based on parent process hirarchy
11 Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition Inhealthcare
12 Satisfaction Evaluation and Optimization of Tourism E-Commerce Users Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology
13 Weather Monitoring Using Artificial Intelligence
14 Web intelligence in information retrieval
15 Recommender System with Artificial Intelligence for Fitness Assistance System
16 Feature extraction and classification of machined component texture images using wavelet and artificial intelligence techniques
17 Sentiment analysis of Twitter corpus related to artificial intelligence assistants
18 Intelligent Expertise Classification approach: An innovative artificial intelligence approach to accelerate network data visualization
19 Smart Parking System Using Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence
20 Detection of Disease in Cotton Leaf using Artificial Neural Network
21 A Deep Learning Facial Expression Recognition based Scoring System for Restaurants
22 Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Learning Architecture for Malware Families Classification
23 An Artificial Intelligence Driven Multi-Feature Extraction Scheme for Big Data Detection
24 A Résumé Evaluation System Based on Text Mining
25 Few-Example Object Detection with Model Communication
26 The Internet of Things Grows Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences
27 Robust Feature Selection With LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks for Artificial Immune Recognition System
28 Performance Predicting in Hiring Process and Performance Appraisals Using Machine Learning
29 The Text-Based Adventure AI Competition
30 Adversarial Artificial Intelligence for Overhead Imagery Classification Models
31 Deep Regression Neural Network for End-to-End Person Re-Identification
32 Use of Artificial Neural Networks to Identify Fake Profiles
33 Mango Classification System Uses Image Processing Technology and Artificial Intelligence

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