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1 Value Iteration Architecture based Deep Learning for Intelligent Routing Exploiting Heterogeneous Computing Platforms
2 Speech Enhancement Based on Teacher-Student Deep Learning Using Improved Speech Presence Probability for Noise-Robust Speech Recognition
3 A Sequence-to-Sequence Deep Learning Architecture Based on Bidirectional GRU for Type Recognition and Time Location of Combined Power Quality Disturbance
4 Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Deep Learning with Unreliable Participants
5 Deep Learning for Hybrid 5G Services in Mobile Edge Computing Systems: Learn from a Digital Twin
6 Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning via Weight Transmission
7 Deep Learning Method Based on Gated Recurrent Unit and Variational Mode Decomposition for Short-Term Wind Power Interval Prediction
8 Mobile Encrypted Traffic Classification Using Deep Learning: Experimental Evaluation, Lessons Learned, and Challenges
9 Social-aware Sequential Modeling of User Interests: A Deep Learning Approach
10 Intelligent Missing Shots’ Reconstruction Using the Spatial Reciprocity of Green’s Function Based on Deep Learning
11 Ordinal Deep Learning for Facial Age Estimation
12 Unsupervised Feature Extraction via Deep Learning for Histopathological Classification of Colon Tissue Images
13 Probabilistic Sequential Network for Deep Learning of Complex Process Data and Soft Sensor Application
14 Auction-Based Charging Scheduling With Deep Learning Framework for Multi-Drone Networks
15 A Deep Learning-Based Feature Extraction Framework for System Security Assessment
16 An Active Deep Learning Approach for Minimally Supervised PolSAR Image Classification
17 Binocular Fusion Net: Deep Learning Visual Comfort Assessment for Stereoscopic 3D
18 3-D PersonVLAD: Learning Deep Global Representations for Video-Based Person Reidentification
19 Rehab-Net: Deep Learning framework for Arm Movement Classification using Wearable Sensors for Stroke Rehabilitation
20 A Multimodal Deep Learning Method for Android Malware Detection using Various Features
21 Bayesian Deep Learning Based Probabilistic Load Forecasting in Smart Grids
22 Deep Learning of static and Dynamic Brain Functional Networks for Early MCI Detection
23 Joint Image-Text Hashing for Fast Large-Scale Cross-Media Retrieval Using Self-Supervised Deep Learning
24 Deep Learning Hierarchical Representation from Heterogeneous Flow-level Communication Data
25 Knowledge-based Collaborative Deep Learning for Benign-Malignant Lung Nodule Classification on Chest CT
26 Deep Learning-Based Machinery Fault Diagnostics with Domain Adaptation Across Sensors At Different Places
27 Traffic Light Recognition With High Dynamic Range Imaging and Deep Learning
28 Deep Learning Classification of 3.5 GHz Band Spectrograms with Applications to Spectrum Sensing
29 Deep Learning based Module Defect Analysis for Large-scale Photovoltaic Farms
30 Deep Learning for Signal Authentication and Security in Massive Internet of Things Systems
31 Dynamic Carrier to MCPA Allocation for Energy Efficient Communication: Convex Relaxation versus Deep Learning
32 Flow Prediction in Spatio-Temporal Networks Based on Multitask Deep Learning
33 Deep Learning-Based Socio-demographic Information Identification from Smart Meter Data
34 Sustainable Computing Based Deep Learning Framework for Writing Research Manuscripts
35 The Influence of Uncertainty Contributions on Deep Learning Architectures in Vision-Based Evaluation Systems
36 Automatic Fruit Classification Using Deep Learning for Industrial Applications
37 A Joint Learning Algorithm for Complex-Valued T-F Masks in Deep Learning-Based Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Systems
38 Efficient B-mode Ultrasound Image Reconstruction from Sub-sampled RF Data using Deep Learning
39 A deep learning framework for identifying essential proteins by integrating multiple types of biological information
40 Demand-Side Management using Deep Learning for Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles
41 Deep Learning Based Code Smell Detection
42 Deep-learning-assisted Volume Visualization
43 CorNET: Deep Learning framework for PPG based Heart Rate Estimation and Biometric Identification in Ambulant Environment
44 Multi-modal Face Pose Estimation with Multi-task Manifold Deep Learning
45 Fast H.264 to HEVC Transcoding: A Deep Learning Method
46 Blockchain-enabled Data Collection and Sharing for Industrial IoT with Deep Reinforcement Learning
47 A Comparative Measurement Study of Deep Learning as a Service Framework
48 Deep Learning based Radio-Signal Identification with Hardware Design
49 Benchmarking Deep Learning Frameworks and Investigating FPGA Deployment for Traffic Sign Classification and Detection
50 Data-Driven Deep Learning for Automatic Modulation Recognition in Cognitive Radios
51 FissureNet: A Deep Learning Approach For Pulmonary Fissure Detection in CT Images
52 iCELIA: A Full-Stack Framework for STT-MRAM-Based Deep Learning Acceleration
53 Driver Activity Recognition for Intelligent Vehicles: A Deep Learning Approach
54 Sample Balancing for Deep Learning-Based Visual Recognition
55 Deep Learning Hyper-Parameter Optimization for Video Analytics in Clouds
56 Efficient Epileptic Seizure Prediction based on Deep Learning
57 Utilizing Deep Learning Towards Multi-modal Bio-sensing and Vision-based Affective Computing
58 Fuzzified Image Enhancement for Deep Learning in Iris Recognition
59 Deep Learning for Database Mapping and Asking Clarification Questions in Dialogue Systems
60 A Method of Information Protection for Collaborative Deep Learning under GAN Model Attack
61 Distributed Deep Learning Optimized System over the Cloud and Smart Phone Devices
62 Development of a Human–Robot Hybrid Intelligent System Based on Brain Teleoperation and Deep Learning SLAM
63 DeepDrawing: A Deep Learning Approach to Graph Drawing
64 Augmentation of CBCT Reconstructed from Under-sampled Projections using Deep Learning
65 Automated ICD-9 Coding via A Deep Learning Approach
66 Deep Learning from Noisy Image Labels with Quality Embedding
67 Robust Hierarchical Deep Learning for Vehicular Management
68 Developing Early Detectors of Student Attrition and Wheel Spinning Using Deep Learning
69 Securing Deep Learning Based Edge Finger-vein Biometrics with Binary Decision Diagram
70 Multi-Objective Topology Optimization of Rotating Machines Using Deep Learning
71 Automatic First Arrival Picking via Deep Learning With Human Interactive Learning
72 A Deep Learning Approach to Infer Employment Status of Passengers by Using Smart Card Data
73 Lung and Pancreatic Tumor Characterization in the Deep Learning Era: Novel Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Approaches
74 Adversarial Examples: Attacks and Defenses for Deep Learning
75 Deep Learning Algorithm to solve Portfolio Management with Proportional Transaction Cost
76 Topology Optimization Accelerated by Deep Learning
77 Deep Learning for Electromyographic Hand Gesture Signal Classification Using Transfer Learning
78 Particle Image Velocimetry Based on a Deep Learning Motion Estimator
79 Deep Learning for Launching and Mitigating Wireless Jamming Attacks
80 Wireless Networks Design in the Era of Deep Learning: Model-Based, AI-Based, or Both?
81 Spatial–Spectral Fusion by Combining Deep Learning and Variational Model
82 Improving Performance of Devanagari Script Input-Based P300 Speller Using Deep Learning
83 Uniform and Variational Deep Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition and Person Re-Identification
84 Deep Learning from Noisy Image Labels with Quality Embedding
85 Deep Learning for Recognizing Human Activities using Motions of Skeletal Joints
86 One-Bit OFDM Receivers via Deep Learning
87 Adversarial Deep Learning Models with Multiple Adversaries
88 Knowledge-Driven Service Offloading Decision for Vehicular Edge Computing: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
89 Imbalanced Deep Learning by Minority Class Incremental Rectification
90 DeepChain: Auditable and Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning with Blockchain-based Incentive
91 Resistive RAM Endurance: Array-Level Characterization and Correction Techniques Targeting Deep Learning Applications
92 Learning Deep Features for One-Class Classification
93 Object Detection With Deep Learning: A Review
94 Information Fusion and Semi-Supervised Deep Learning Scheme for Diagnosing Gear Faults in Induction Machine Systems
95 Virtual Metrology Model Robustness Against Chamber Condition Variation Using Deep Learning
96 Deep Learning From Multiple Crowds: A Case Study of Humanitarian Mapping
97 Deep Learning Based Multi-Modal Fusion for Fast MR Reconstruction
98 A Deep Learning Framework for Single-Sided Sound Speed Inversion in Medical Ultrasound
99 Using multiple feature spaces-based deep learning for tool condition monitoring in ultra-precision manufacturing
100 Automatic 3D bi-ventricular segmentation of cardiac images by a shape-refined multi-task deep learning approach
101 Deep Learning Based Sphere Decoding
102 Deep-Learning-based Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO for Hybrid Precoding
103 A Survey on an Emerging Area: Deep Learning for Smart City Data
104 Enabling Flexible Resource Allocation in Mobile Deep Learning Systems
105 Scalable Healthcare Assessment for Diabetic Patients using Deep Learning on Multiple GPUs
106 Speech Emotion Recognition using Deep Learning Techniques: A Review
107 Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Deep Learning for End-User Transformer Subject to Volatile Electric Heating Loads
108 EEG Pathology Detection based on Deep Learning
109 Hard X-Ray Emission Detection Using Deep Learning Analysis of the Radiated UHF Electromagnetic Signal From a Plasma Focus Discharge
110 Implementation Methodologies of Deep Learning-Based Signal Detection for Conventional MIMO Transmitters
111 Real-time Deep Learning at the Edge for Scalable Reliability Modeling of Si-MOSFET Power Electronics Converters
112 A Deep Learning-based Intelligent Medicine Recognition System for Chronic Patients
113 Deep Learning Ensemble for Hyperspectral Image Classification
114 Deep Learning With Edge Computing: A Review
115 Towards Knowledge as a Service over Networks: A Deep Learning Model Communication Paradigm
116 Adaptive Regularization via Residual Smoothing in Deep Learning Optimization
117 Deep Learning for Electromyographic Hand Gesture Signal Classification Using Transfer Learning
118 Active Transfer Learning Network: A Unified Deep Joint Spectral–Spatial Feature Learning Model for Hyperspectral Image Classification
119 Deep Transfer Low-Rank Coding for Cross-Domain Learning
120 Learning Deep Binary Descriptor with Multi-Quantization
121 Imbalanced Deep Learning by Minority Class Incremental Rectification
122 Semi Supervised Learning with Deep Embedded Clustering for Image Classification and Segmentation
123 Deep Learning for Launching and Mitigating Wireless Jamming Attacks
124 Resistive RAM Endurance: Array-Level Characterization and Correction Techniques Targeting Deep Learning Applications
125 Deep Multimodal Representation Learning: A Survey
126 Learning Automata based Incremental Learning Method for Deep Neural Networks
127 The Next Generation of Deep Learning Hardware: Analog Computing
128 Toward Deep Learning Approaches for Learning Structure Motifs and Classifying Biological Sequences From RNA A-to-I Editing Events
129 Utilizing Unlabeled Data to Detect Electricity Fraud in AMI: A Semisupervised Deep Learning Approach
130 Digital image Steganalysis based on Visual Attention and Deep Reinforcement Learning
131 An Efficient Hybrid Recommendation Model with Deep Neural Networks
132 Lung and Pancreatic Tumor Characterization in the Deep Learning Era: Novel Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Approaches
133 A Deep Learning Method with Filter Based Feature Engineering for Wireless Intrusion Detection system
134 An Energy-Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning Accelerator with Transposable PE Array and Experience Compression
135 Multi-Modal Object Tracking and Image Fusion With Unsupervised Deep Learning
136 UNPU: An Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network Accelerator With Fully Variable Weight Bit Precision
137 Dual Asymmetric Deep Hashing Learning
138 Automatic Cardiothoracic Ratio Calculation With Deep Learning
139 Deep Manifold Structure Transfer for Action Recognition
140 Learning to Guide: Guidance Law Based on Deep Meta-Learning and Model Predictive Path Integral Control
141 Generalization and Expressivity for Deep Nets
142 Design Space Exploration of Memory Controller Placement in Throughput Processors with Deep Learning
143 Transferable Representation Learning with Deep Adaptation Networks
144 An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Learning for Network Anomaly Detection
145 Bayesian State Estimation for Unobservable Distribution Systems via Deep Learning
146 On-line Building Energy Optimization using Deep Reinforcement Learning
147 On the Feasibility of Deep Learning in Sensor Network Intrusion Detection
148 A fundus retinal vessels segmentation scheme based on the improved deep learning U-Net model
149 Bayesian Deep Learning based Health Prognostics Towards Prognostics Uncertainty
150 Learning Deep Features for One-Class Classification
151 Knowledge-Driven Service Offloading Decision for Vehicular Edge Computing: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
152 Robust Intelligent Malware Detection Using Deep Learning
153 Deep Learning Approach for Intelligent Intrusion Detection System
154 Deep Neural Network Regularization for Feature Selection in Learning-to-Rank
155 Topology Optimization Accelerated by Deep Learning
156 Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Appliances from Smart-meter Measurements via MultiLabel Consistent Deep Dictionary Learning and Deep Transform Learning
157 A Deep Learning Approach With Deep Contextualized Word Representations for Chemical–Protein Interaction Extraction From Biomedical Literature
158 A Deep Learning Model Generation Framework for Virtualized Multi-Access Edge Cache Management
159 Robust Hierarchical Deep Learning for Vehicular Management
160 An Overview of Unsupervised Deep Feature Representation for Text Categorization
161 A New Deep Transfer Learning Based on Sparse Auto-Encoder for Fault Diagnosis
162 UAV Autonomous Target Search Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning in Complex Disaster Scene
163 A Heuristic Offloading Method for Deep Learning Edge Services in 5G Networks
164 Person Reidentification via Structural Deep Metric Learning
165 Adaptive Learning Knowledge Networks for Few-Shot Learning
166 Simulating Time-Series Data for Improved Deep Neural Network Performance
167 Deep Matrix Factorization with Implicit Feedback Embedding for Recommendation System
168 A multisource fusion framework driven by user-defined knowledge for egocentric activity recognition
169 Clinical big data and deep learning: Applications, challenges, and future outlooks
170 A Multiscale Feature Learning Scheme Based on Deep Learning for Industrial Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis
171 Wireless Networks Design in the Era of Deep Learning: Model-Based, AI-Based, or Both?
172 Learning for Personalised Medicine: A Comprehensive Review from Deep Learning Perspective
173 Deep Transfer Learning for Intelligent Cellular Traffic Prediction Based on Cross-Domain Big Data
174 A Deep Learning Iris Recognition Method Based on Capsule Network Architecture
175 Deep Cascade Model based Face Recognition: When Deep-layered Learning Meets Small Data
176 Semi-Supervised Deep Transfer Learning-Based on Adversarial Feature Learning for Label Limited SAR Target Recognition
177 Learning Affective Video Features for Facial Expression Recognition via Hybrid Deep Learning
178 Object Detection With Deep Learning: A Review
179 Deep Learning for Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification: Survey, Vision, and Challenges
180 Deep Ensemble Machine for Video Classification
181 Marginal Deep Architecture: Stacking Feature Learning Modules to Build Deep Learning Models
182 Learning With Annotation of Various Degrees
183 Statistical learning for semantic parsing: A survey
184 Deep Learning for Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification: Survey, Vision, and Challenges

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