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1 Secure Mobile Edge Computing in IoT via Collaborative Online Learning
2 Two-Tier Architecture for Spectrum Auction in SDN-enabled Cloud Radio Access Network
3 Predictability of IP Address Allocations for Cloud Computing Platforms
4 Prospective: A Data-Driven Technique to Predict Web Service Response Time Percentiles
5 A MEC-based Extended Virtual Sensing for Automotive Services
6 Securing Resources in Decentralized Cloud Storage
7 A Service-Defined Approach for Orchestration of Heterogeneous Applications in Cloud/Edge Platforms
8 Geographically Coordinated Primary Frequency Control
9 Data Location Management Protocol for Object Stores in a Fog Computing Infrastructure
10 TAILCUTTER: Wisely Cutting Tail Latency in Cloud CDNs Under Cost Constraints
11 Cloud Federations: Economics, Games and Benefits
12 A Novel Ad-Hoc Mobile Edge Cloud Offering Security Services through Intelligent Resource-Aware Offloading
13 A Mutual Authentication Scheme for Secure Fog Computing Service Handover in Vehicular Network Environment
14 Joint Resources and Workflow Scheduling in UAV-Enabled Wirelessly-Powered MEC for IoT Systems
15 Macro-cell Assisted Task Offloading in MEC-based Heterogeneous Networks With Wireless Backhaul
16 Tracing Knowledge Development Trajectories of the Internet of Things Domain: A main path analysis
17 Haze and Thin Cloud Removal Using Elliptical Boundary Prior for Remote Sensing Image
18 A Synergetic Trust Model based on SVM in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
19 Cloud Deep Networks for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
20 Remote Sensing Image Reconstruction Using Tensor Ring Completion and Total Variation
21 Comparison of Satellite-Derived Precipitable Water Vapor Through Near-Infrared Remote Sensing Channels
22 Lightweight Blockchain for Healthcare
23 Lifetime Absolute Calibration of the EO-1 Hyperion Sensor and Its Validation
24 Infotainment Enabled Smart Cars: A Joint Communication, Caching and Computation Approach
25 Infotainment Enabled Smart Cars: A Joint Communication, Caching and Computation Approach
26 Latency and Reliability-Aware Workload Assignment in IoT Networks with Mobile Edge Clouds
27 Effect of sulfur fertilization rates on wheat functionality
28 Blockchain-Based Digital Forensics Investigation Framework in the Internet of Things and Social Systems
29 A Novel Adaptive Resource Allocation Model Based on SMDP and Reinforcement Learning Algorithm in Vehicular Cloud System
30 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Offloading and Resource Allocation in Vehicle Edge Computing and Networks
31 Edge-Assisted Vehicle Mobility Prediction to Support V2X Communications
32 Recent Advances in Cyber-Physical Security in Industrial Environments
33 An Optimization-Enhanced MANO for Energy-Efficient 5G Networks
34 On Mapping the Interconnections in Today’s Internet
35 VPModel: High-Fidelity Product Simulation in a Virtual-Physical Environment
36 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Internet of Vehicles: An Energy-Efficient Computational Offloading Scheme
37 Stress-Lysis: A DNN-Integrated Edge Device for Stress Level Detection in the IoMT
38 Implementation and Performance Analysis of Interoperable and Heterogeneous IoT-Edge Gateway for Pervasive Wellness Care
39 CATE: Cloud-Aided Trustworthiness Evaluation Scheme for Incompletely Predictable Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
40 An NFV-based Service Framework for IOT Applications in Edge Computing Environments
41 A Novel DCT-based Compression Scheme for 5G Vehicular Networks
42 A Game-Theoretic Approach to Cache and Radio Resource Management in Fog Radio Access Networks
43 An Efficient and Scalable Framework for Processing Remotely Sensed Big Data in Cloud Computing Environments
44 Robust Energy Efficiency Maximization in Multicast Downlink C-RAN
45 Systematic Resource Allocation in Cloud RAN with Caching as a Service under Two Timescales
46 Architecture-based Reliability-sensitive Criticality Measure for Fault-Tolerance Cloud Applications
47 Source-Location Privacy Protection based on Anonymity Cloud in Wireless Sensor Networks
48 Blockchain Based Data Integrity Verification for Large-Scale IoT Data
49 Architecture-based Reliability-sensitive Criticality Measure for Fault-Tolerance Cloud Applications
50 Blockchain-based fair payment protocol for deduplication cloud storage system
51 Quantum key agreement with Bell states and Cluster states under collective noise channels
52 HetMEC: Latency-optimal Task Assignment and Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Multi-layer Mobile Edge Computing
53 Source-Location Privacy Protection based on Anonymity Cloud in Wireless Sensor Networks
54 Joint Fronthaul Multicast and Cooperative Beamforming for Cache-Enabled Cloud-Based Small Cell Networks: An MDS Codes-Aided Approach
55 VerifyNet: Secure and Verifiable Federated Learning
56 Efficient Resource Allocation for Mobile-Edge Computing Networks with NOMA: Completion Time and Energy Minimization
57 The Costs of Confidentiality in Virtualized FPGAs
58 Theoretical Understanding of the Linear Relationship between Convective Updrafts and Cloud-Base Height for Shallow Cumulus Clouds. Part I: Maritime Conditions
59 LPPA: Lightweight Privacy-preserving Authentication from Efficient Multi-key Secure Outsourced Computation for Location-based Services in VANETs
60 Automatically Locate Tropical Cyclone Centers Using Top Cloud Motion Data Derived From Geostationary Satellite Images
61 Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Catalytic Properties of Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Complexes Derived from 4-Chloro-2-{[4-Diethylamino-2- Hydroxybenzylidene]amino}phenol

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