Final Year Major IOT Projects Anantapur


1A Trustworthy Privacy Preserving Framework for Machine Learning in Industrial IoT SystemsINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)
2An Efficient IoT-Based Platform for Remote Real-Time Cardiac Activity MonitoringINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)
3An Efficient Privacy Preserving Message Authentication Scheme for Internet-of-ThingsINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)
4An Efficient Spam Detection Technique for IoT Devices using Machine LearningINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)
5Efficient IoT Management with Resilience to Unauthorized Access to Cloud StorageINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)
6Efficient Privacy Preserving Data Collection and Computation Offloading for Fog-Assisted IoTINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)
7Secure Storage Auditing with Efficient Key Updates for Cognitive Industrial IoT EnvironmentINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)
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