M.Tech Major Social Networking Projects

SOCIAL Networking

1Activity Minimization of Misinformation Influence in Online Social NetworksSOCIAL NETWORKING
2An Efficient Feedback Control Mechanism for Positive or Negative Information Spread in Online Social NetworksSOCIAL NETWORKING
3ArvaNet Deep Recurrent Architecture for PPG-Based Negative Mental-State MonitoringSOCIAL NETWORKING
4Characterizing the Propagation of Situational Information in Social Media During COVID-19 Epidemic A Case Study on WeiboSOCIAL NETWORKING
5Continuous Activity Maximization in Online Social NetworksSOCIAL NETWORKING
6Detecting and Characterizing Extremist Reviewer Groups in Online Product ReviewsSOCIAL NETWORKING
7Detection of Malicious Social Bots Using Learning Automata With URL Features in Twitter NetworkSOCIAL NETWORKING
8Information Dissemination From Social Network for Extreme Weather ScenarioSOCIAL NETWORKING
9Location-Aware Service Recommendations With Privacy-Preservation in the Internet of ThingsSOCIAL NETWORKING
10Movie Recommendation System Using Sentiment Analysis From Micro blogging DataSOCIAL NETWORKING
11On Utilizing Communities Detected From Social Networks in Hashtag RecommendationSOCIAL NETWORKING
12Understanding the User Behavior of Foursquare A Data-Driven Study on a Global ScaleSOCIAL NETWORKING
13User Behavior Prediction of Social Hotspots Based on Multi message Interaction and Neural NetworkSOCIAL NETWORKING
14Popular Matching for Security-Enhanced Resource Allocation in Social Internet of Flying ThingsSOCIAL NETWORKING
15SciChallenge A Social Media Aware Platform for Contest-Based STEM Education and Motivation of Young StudentsSOCIAL NETWORKING


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