M.Tech Major Secure Computing Projects

SECURE Computing

1Sparse Mobile Crowdsensing With Differential and Distortion Location PrivacyINFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY
2A Verifiable Semantic Searching Scheme by Optimal Matching over Encrypted Data in Public CloudINFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY
3Pay as You Decrypt Decryption Outsourcing for Functional Encryption Using BlockchainINFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY
4Securing Resources in Decentralized Cloud StorageINFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY
5Fake News, Disinformation,and Deepfakes: Leveraging Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchain to Combat Digital Deception and Counterfeit RealityINFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY


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