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Internship Tracks

Data Structures

Day - 1: Inroduction to Data Structures
Data Structures
Structured Representation
Statements and Control Structures
Abstract Data Types
Static & Dynamic Data Types
Arrays & Pointers
Linked List
What is an algorithm
Why analysis of Algorithms
Goal of analysis algorithms
What is the Running Time Analysis
How to Compare Algorithms
What is the Rate of Growth
Commonly Used Rate of Growth
Types of Analysis
Big-O Notation
Omega Notation
Theta Notation
Why is it called Asymptotic Notation
Guidelines for Asymptotic Notation
Properties of Notation
Commonly used Logarithms and Summations
Mater Theorem For divide and Conquer
Problems on divide and Conquer Master theorem
Master theorem for subtract and Conquer Recurrences
Variant of subtraction and conquer master theorem
Method of Guessing and Confirm
Amortized Analysis
Problems on Algorithms Analysis
Stacks with Algorithms
Day - 2: Defining stack
Application of stack
Conversion and Evaluation of Expressions
Operations of stack
Stack implemented as an array
Stack implemented with pointers
Using Stacks to solve problems
Standard Input and Output Functions
Day - 3: Library Functions
Single Character Input – The getchar Function
Single Character Output – The Putchar Function
Entering input Data – The scanf Function
More about the scanf/ Printf
The gets and Puts Function
Queues with Algorithms
Day - 4: Defining Queue
Application of Queue
Operation of Queue
Circular Queue
Priority Queue
Double Ended Queue
Queue implemented with Pointers
Differences between Stacks and Queues
Problems on Queues
Linked List
Day - 5: What is a Linked List
Advantages of Linked List over an Array
Application of Linked List
Types of Linked Lists
Singly Linked Lists
Operation of Singly Linked Lists
Doubly Linked Lists
Operations on Doubly Linked Lists
Circular Linked Lists
Circular Double Linked Lists
Uses of Linked Lists
Difference between Arrays and Linked List
A memory-Efficient Doubly Linked List
Problems on Linked List
Day - 6: Introduction Binary Trees
Implementation of Binary Trees
Insertion into a Binary Tree
Binary Tree Deletion
Traversing a Binary Tree
Binary Search Trees
Binary Height Balanced Trees
AVL Trees
B- Trees
Sorting Techniques with Order of Growth
Day - 7: Introduction Why Sorting Necessary
Classification of sorting Algorithms
Other classification
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort
Quick Sort
Merge Sort
Iterative Merge Sort
Introduction to Heap
Heap Operations
Heap Sort
Comparison of Sorting Algorithm
Non-Comparison Sorting Algorithm
Searching Techniques
Day - 8: Introduction
Linear Search
Binary Search
Hashing Techniques
Day - 9: What is Hashing
HashTable ADT
Hashing Techniques
Division Method
Mid Square Method
Folding Method
Hash Collision
Open Address
Day - 10: Types of Graphs
Various Representation of Graphs
Application of Graphs
Graph Traversals
Day - 11: Course Highlight
Paper Solving on all Data Structures Concepts including MNC Company Papers Amazon, Oracle ,Microsoft etc
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