B.Tech Major Block Chain Projects Vijayawada


1 Puncturable Signatures and Applications in Proof-of-Stake Blockchain ProtocolsBLOCKCHAIN
2 Segment Blockchain: A Size Reduced Storage Mechanism for BlockchainBLOCKCHAIN
3 Groupchain: Towards a Scalable Public Blockchain in Fog Computing of IoT Services ComputingBLOCKCHAIN
4 A Blockchain-Based Trusted Data Management Scheme in Edge ComputingBLOCKCHAIN
5 Blockchain Meets Edge Computing: A Distributed and Trusted Authentication SystemBLOCKCHAIN
6 A Hybrid BlockChain-Based Identity Authentication Scheme for Multi-WSNBLOCKCHAIN
7 Editorial: Blockchain in Industrial IoT Applications: Security and Privacy Advances, Challenges, and OpportunitiesBLOCKCHAIN
8 Blockchain for Cyber Security in Smart Grid: A Comprehensive SurveyBLOCKCHAIN
9 Implementation and Analysis of Blockchain Based DApp for Secure Sharing of Students' CredentialsBLOCKCHAIN
10 Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Trust Management and Secure Usage Control of IoT Big DataBLOCKCHAIN
11 Edgence: A blockchain-enabled edge-computing platform for intelligent IoT-based dAppsBLOCKCHAIN
12 Enhancing Privacy through “Smart Contract” using Blockchain-based Dynamic Access ControlBLOCKCHAIN
1313) Cooperative Computing in Integrated Blockchain-Based Internet of ThingsBLOCKCHAIN
1414) Reputation-Based Coalition Formation for Secure Self-Organized and Scalable Sharding in IoT Blockchains with Mobile Edge ComputingBLOCKCHAIN
15 Secure Data Storage and Recovery in Industrial Blockchain Network EnvironmentsBLOCKCHAIN
16 ABCrowd An Auction Mechanism on Blockchain for Spatial CrowdsourcingBLOCKCHAIN
17 Pay as You Decrypt: Decryption Outsourcing for Functional Encryption Using BlockchainBLOCKCHAIN
18 A Group Signature and Authentication Scheme for Blockchain-Based Mobile-Edge ComputingBLOCKCHAIN
19 Supervisory Control of Blockchain NetworksBLOCKCHAIN
20 Motivating Web and Blockchain Application ModelingBLOCKCHAIN
21 Data Allocation Mechanism for Internet-of-Things Systems With BlockchainBLOCKCHAIN
22 Scalability Challenges in Healthcare Blockchain System—A Systematic ReviewBLOCKCHAIN
23 A Secure IoT Data Integrity Auditing Scheme Based on Consortium BlockchainBLOCKCHAIN
24 Differential Privacy-Based Blockchain for Industrial Internet-of-ThingsBLOCKCHAIN
25 Blockchain-Based Agri-Food Supply Chain: A Complete SolutionBLOCKCHAIN
26 Blockchain-based Model for Trustworthy Shared Internet of Things Device ManagementBLOCKCHAIN
27 A Blockchain-Powered Decentralized and Secure Computing ParadigmBLOCKCHAIN
28 B4SDC: A Blockchain System for Security Data Collection in MANETsBLOCKCHAIN
29 Privacy Enhancement Scheme (PES) in a Blockchain-Edge Computing EnvironmentBLOCKCHAIN
30 A Blockchain-Based Reward Mechanism for Mobile CrowdsensingBLOCKCHAIN
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