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1 Semantic (Big) Data Analysis: An Extensive Literature Review
2 Revealing the User Behavior Pattern Using HNCORS RTK Location Big Data
3 Tensor-train fuzzy Deep Computation Model for Citywide Traffic Flow Prediction
4 Using GORE in Big Data: A Systematic Mapping Study
5 SDTE: A Secure Blockchain-based Data Trading Ecosystem
6 In Search of Big Medical Data Integration Solutions - A Comprehensive Survey
7 In Search of Big Medical Data Integration Solutions - A Comprehensive Survey
8 A Survey on Big Data for Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
9 Video Big Data Retrieval Over Media Cloud: A Context-Aware Online Learning Approach
10 Big Data Quality Assurance Through Data Traceability: A Case Study of the National Standard Reference Data Program of Korea
11 Research and Analysis for Real-Time Streaming Big Data Based on Controllable Clustering and Edge Computing Algorithm
12 A Framework for Big Data Governance to Advance RHINs: A Case Study of China
13 Concept Drift Detection and Adaption in Big Imbalance Industrial IoT Data Using an Ensemble Learning Method of Offline Classifiers
14 An Optimizing and Differentially Private Clustering Algorithm for Mixed Data in SDN-Based Smart Grid
15 Big Data Features, Applications, and Analytics in Cardiology—A Systematic Literature Review
16 Random Sample Partition: A Distributed Data Model for Big Data Analysis
17 Multimodal Emotion and Sentiment Modelling from Unstructured Big Data: Challenges, Architecture & Techniques
18 Big Data Opportunities: System Health Monitoring and Management
19 An Artificial Intelligence Driven Multi-Feature Extraction Scheme for Big Data Detection
20 Minor Probability Events’ Detection in Big Data: An Integrated Approach With Bayes Detection and MIM
21 Active Data Replica Recovery for Quality-Assurance Big Data Analysis in IC-IoT
22 Exploring behavioral heterogeneities of elementary school students’ commute mode choices through the urban travel big data of Beijing, China
23 Analysis and Visualization Implementation of Medical Big Data Resource Sharing Mechanism Based on Deep Learning
24 β Algorithm: A New Probabilistic Process Learning Approach for Big Data in Healthcare
25 Flow Context and Host Behavior Based Shadowsocks’s Traffic Identification
26 Robust Online Sequential RVFLNs for Data Modeling of Dynamic Time-Varying Systems With Application of an Ironmaking Blast Furnace
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